Profit Trailer - BotWaldo's BTC Market - 2% Settings

Profit Trailer - BotWaldo's BTC Market - 2% Settings

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Hello all! 

Thank you for your interest in my Profit Trailer Settings Pack!

The following settings included should be edited to fit your account balance before giving them to the trader folder.

This is the Version 5 of the pack UPDATED 1/12/2018

Included are:

BITTREX: Aggressive, Conservative, and Turtle Settings

BINANCE: Aggressive, Conservative, and Turtle Settings

POLONIEX: Aggressive, Conservative, and Turtle Settings

README.doc - A detailed explanation of the variables the bot uses! VERY IMPORTANT you read this document first before turning the bot on. 

UPDATES.txt - Read this to know what I changed/updated and to know what Version to run my settings with

  • AGGRESSIVE Settings - Good for when market is behaving, use with caution as BOT will be spending lots to make lots. 
  • CONSERVATIVE Settings - ALL time good settings, you should really try to stay in these settings at all times.
  • TURTLE Settings - Manual Sell Only Mode enabled for when times you just want to hold tether and nothing else.

You as the custodian of the bot, are in control of all the variables that I give you. Please read the readme before you run the settings on your bot so that you understand fully what the bot is doing when you are making changes.

 I hope you like them and as always service for installing these settings and keeping them working is ONLY at the's discord.

- Waldo

 & ADD THESE VALUES!!! to in your PT folder.

#DUST VALUES 1/29/2018


BTC_dust = 0.00105
ETH_dust = 0.0007
USDT_dust = 3.50


BTC_dust = 0.00205
ETH_dust = 0.0205
BNB_dust = 0.0105
USDT_dust = 1.05


BTC_dust = 0.000105
ETH_dust = 0.0007
XMR_dust = 0.0002
USDT_dust = 1

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