And so it begins

First Announcement is a somber one. I am starting this community separate from anyone else, in order to insure that my settings and service are kept in the highest regard. I want to continue promoting the settings and creating a bigger and bigger community. The more who are interested in the settings the better they become. The community is building this as a group and we all profit from more and more data.

In order to do this I'm creating a giveaway for those who invite the most people into this discord. Simply create your own invite link and send it to whom you want to join.

Discord tracks the link clicks and the winner will receive a $250 gift card to whatever they want (probably amazon) the runner up will get $100 and the 3rd will get $50. It will start now until Friday the 15th at @6PM PST (+8:00GMT). Exceptions will be limited. Thank you for being a customer and I hope you enjoy this community.

Lets make money together!

- Waldo

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